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Who Are We and Why Are We Here?

We are the "We Have Faith" Environmental Expedition Tour group. The title is purposeful. “We Have Faith” is the title chosen by a group of over 300 African, North American, and European young adults as they journeyed a year ago from Nairobi to Durban in the hope that global powers would begin to take seriously the reality of deteriorating environments and a changing climate. At COP 17 they discovered theirs would have to be a long-term faith – a faith in the Creator’s love for creation rather than faith in political systems. That it would have to be a faith that could move mountains of hearts and minds before anything much would change globally.

So eight of us related to the Christian Reformed Church in North America are traveling to join two or three of us related to various Kenyan partners because we too “Have Faith”. And we wish to make our faith knowledgeable and living – to get it into our bones - and to bring back some of the tools and ideas we need to witness and organize at personal and corporate levels; to join in the large and long process of moving hearts and minds.

This is an expedition of faith. We believe that by looking at what is happening on the ground and listening carefully to farmers, theologians, thinkers and scientists we will more deeply understand and trust the way forward. We expect this expedition to be remarkable and memorable – and useful for the larger task of building knowledge and will in the CRC and even the larger religious community in the US and Canada.

Finally, we are followers of Jesus trying to understand the complexity, beauty, vulnerability, and resiliancy of His creation. We are going to be changed, shaken, discouraged, encouraged. We expect to be closer to God and much closer to our sisters and brothers in Kenya. We expect to come back with a stronger and much more real faith that will guide and sustain us in the coming years of action and reflection.