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Calvin College Sr. Engineering Honduras-2015's Blog

Hello friends and family,

If we were to sum up this week-long experience with a single phrase, it could very well be "God is Faithful." We saw that fact proven numerous times this week, and it will be a good way to summarize our trip to Honduras.

God was faithful in getting us the equipment we needed. FTC&H, an engineering firm in Grand Rapids,  readily gave us everything we needed, including a tripod, level, measuring rod, auger, field books, and other assorted...

Greetings from Honduras!

After a very early morning and a drive to Detroit, thanks to Mel's mom, we managed to make both of our flights on time. We are now at our hotel for the night in Tegucigalpa. We were able to meet with World Renew staff this afternoon as well as three local structural engineers who have a lot of experience building bridges in the area. We are so thankful to Rolando for setting up this meeting and to the...