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Saturday was Quite the Day!

Saturday was quite the day; full of learning, laughing, and challenges.  Our team, along with the team from Faith CRC, travelled to Mombacho volcano.  We went our separate ways when we arrived; our group was to hike around a crater first, and they were to zipline first.  After meeting our guide for the day we piled into a huge, open truck and began our ascent.  The ride up to the crater was extremely steep and I’m sure some of us were wondering if we would ever make it up.  Despite the fear of sliding backwards down the mountain it was not a dull trip.  We laughed together like the sisters we have become. 

At the top we went on a wonderful hike around one the craters.  The volcano was extremely fertile and was covered in trees.  Ray was in his element pointing out all the different kinds of plants in the forest.  God’s artistry was certainly evident in the diversity and detail of the plants. 

After that we travelled back down the steep road and went on a coffee tour. Mombacho is one of the best places in Nicaragua for growing coffee….I am pretty sure every one bought some to take home (be excited Mom!).  It was a time of discovery; there are so many processes involved in making coffee that I didn’t know existed.

Although the hike and coffee were special and amazing the best part of the day was ziplining. Everyone (with the exception of Heather) was vvveeeerrrryyyy excited for this event.  When the time finally came we couldn’t contain our joy….except Heather…she wasn’t too thrilled.  The first zipline got the adrenaline rolling.  Even Heather loved it!!

God was at work during this adventure; Iona is deathly afraid of heights and she powered through and made it to the end.  It was a great experience.

Saturday was amazing; it brought each and every one of us closer together.  I am blessed to have been a part of this amazing group of girls…and guys.

Written by Madison Wimmers, Team Member for AOYC Team - March 2012