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Saying Goodbye

As amazing as last week's church service was, we were blessed to have attended church in English this morning. The church was held in a school with an open sanctuary keeping us nice and cool. Once the service was over, two kids who attend school there gave us the grand tour before we left for the beach.  We were blown away once again by God’s majestic creation on the waterfront. We were fortunate to have had a relaxing day before our journey home begins. More laughs and more memories were formed as well as salty hair and suntans (or burns). Mark and his family spent the day with us and graciously invited us over after dinner for ice cream and to say our good-byes. All of us have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and have truly felt blessed and felt God with us along every step of the way. We ask that you pray for us as we start our trip back to Canada. We are so excited to come home and share our experiences with you.

Written by Iona Buisman, Team Leader for AOYC Team - March 2012