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We are Family

Yesterday we were honored at a party in the village we have been working in all week, Los Alveraz, in the mountainous area above Santa Lucia. It was such a wonderful way to end our time with the community we had come so far to serve. We celebrated along side with music, laughter and delicious food made by loving hand. We joined together and sang praises to God. One especially touching moment was when we were thanked by several leaders in the community for all our hard work. We were told that we were now a part of their family and we were welcome back any time. Our hearts were filled with the love of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It was truly a touching moment to be thanked and appreciated in such a heartfelt way. We all reflected on it as one of our highlighted “God moments” later on that night during evening devotions. Our prayer is that others can continue what we started and have a heart for serving others who are marginalized in our global church, that they can experience the love and warmth that we shared this day.

Serving in Him alone.

Written by Heather, Team Member for AOYC Team - March 2012