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Welcome to Santa Lucia

On Monday, we drove from the Nehemiah Center up to the village of Santa Lucia.  The ride there was quite the experience, weaving through busy traffic which eventually gave way to less busier roads and magnificent scenery.  Our group was fascinated by the mountains, everywhere we looked the scenery was breathtaking.  

Soon the paved roads gave way to gravel and then dirt....and our vehicle kept climbing higher and higher into the mountains.  We are thankful for Lester who is a very skilled driver and has an amazing sense of humour.  The girls have learned that most of what he says is not true!!  He loves to joke with them.  

Once we arrived in the beautiful town of Santa Lucia, each of us was assigned to a group.  Each group of four was then brought to the place that they would be staying.  Most of the places are very sparse, with some running water, depending on the time of day but no hot water.   After we settled in we then drove part of the way to the smaller community where we are working on the youth center and then walked uphill in a pasture to find Los Elvares which is tucked neatly in the mountains.  There, we met Lilian, the community leader, who showed us where the center will be built.  Lilian shared with us a little more about the community's dreams for the center.  We prayed for Lilian and the leadership she gives and prayed for the dreams of the community would come to fruition.  

After devotions and dinner together, each group headed for their home for the night. Tomorrow will come early and it promises to be a warm and sunny day for work!

Written by Iona Buisman, Team Leader for AOYC Team - March 2012