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Arrival in Honduras

We have arrived in Honduras.  We started the day with an early flight from Minneapolis to Houston, and then on to Tegucigalpa.  We were greeted by Mateo (and his family) and Rolando at the airport.  We are all thankful for the safe travel (the plane landing into Tegucigalpa is pretty exciting), as well for those praying for our safe travel.

We had a very informative orientation session where we recieved presentations from Diaconia Nacional and World Renew.  We are all looking forward to going out to the sites and making connections with the people there.

We are also excited about going to the church that Mateo and Katie attend.  After that service tomorrow we will be driving out to Canada Galana, the first site we will be visiting.

We ask for your prayers for safe travel and that we can make positive connections with people at the church and out at the site