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Day 2 - Sunday August 20

Today we had the joy of going to church with Matt and Katie at Iglesia Cristiana Reformada La Paz in Tegucugalpa.  With the help of our interpreter (thanks Carlos) we were able to enjoy a great message about making and taking time for your family (especially your children).  At the end of the service Stan was able to give a blessing to the church as well.  The service was very uplifting for everyone.

After the service we said our good byes to Katie, James, and Marta and started our 5 hour drive out to Cañada Galana.  Part way into the drive we met up with Arturo, who works with Diaconia National and will be with us as were are out in the communities.  The drive was slow, and most of it was on dirt roads, but the scenery was amazing.  

When we arrived at Cañada Galana we were warmly met by pastor Lupito and his family, as well as a number of children from the community.  Everyone was very inviting and eager to meet us.  They really liked seeing pictures of our families.  We were able to stay in the house of pastor Lupito's son, and after a long day of travel we were all ready for bed as soon as the sun went down.