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Day 3 - Monday August 21

We woke up this morning to the sound of roosters and other livestock.  Not long after walking out of the house we were swarmed by children excited to see us.  They all wanted to race us and for us to swing them around.  It was nice to play with the kids and make a connection with them.

After breakfast Pastor Lupito took us on a tour of Cañada Galana and we got to see some of the projects that had been done in that area. We visited with a local coffee farmer and saw the coffee been drier that he uses.  Then we looked at the corn fields and saw the new corn planting technique where they mix in compost with the seed.  Pastor Lupito was very excited and pleased with this particular project, and you could visibly see the difference in the corn plants that used the new technique and those that did not.  It also allowed them to plant corn in fields/dirt that normally would not produce good corn.  We also walked up to the water tank that provides water to the Cañada Galana community. 

After lunch we headed to the community of San Antonio, which is about a 25 minute drive from Cañada Galana.  They are looking for a partnership similar to what Cañada Galana has.  We had a meeting with the community leaders in the church.  It was an informational meeting where we learned about the needs of the San Antonio community and they were able to learn about us.  After the meeting we were able to take a tour of the community.  It was good to walk through the village with members of the community and see first hand their needs.

When we got back to Cañada Galana the children were waiting there for us, and we played soccer with them for a while.  After dinner we spent some time together as a team and reflected on the meeting in San Antonio as well as the community itself.