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Day 4 - Tuesday August 22

We got to an early start this morning since we were heading back to San Antonio to help put cement floors in two separate houses.  We split into two groups and each group worked on one of the houses.  It was good physical labor that included mixing the sand and cement by shovel, then mixing in the water.  All the mixing was done on the ground, then we used 5 gallon buckets to carry the cement into the house where a mason from the community trowelled and levelled the floor.  We had to get the water from a nearby stream and carry it back in 5 gallon buckets to the house.  Everyone got a good workout.  The owners of each of the homes also helped out, and they worked the hardest of any of us there.

We also brought some coloring books, and when some people needed a break we would spend some time coloring with the children and some adults too.  It was a good ice breaker with the children and helped build a connection with the people. We also got to visit the school in San Antonio and see some of the challenges that it is facing.

We finished the work at the two houses around lunch time.  We ate lunch in San Antonio at the church, then said good bye to the people there and headed off to the community of La Puerta.

La Puerta is another community that is looking to partner with a church through World Renew and Diaconia National.  We had a meeting with community leaders and people from the community at the church in La Puerta.  It was an informative meeting where we talked about their needs as well as their strenghts and assets.  It was great to see the faith that the community displayed.  We also took a tour of the community saw their new church building which is under construction.

The day ended back at Cañada Galana with another soccer game with the kids.  This time they wanted to play USA versus Honduras.  We could tell that they were going easy on us, but everyone had a great time.  After dinner we spent some time in reflection on both the community of San Antonio and La Puerta.