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Day 5 - Wednesday August 23

Today after breakfast we said our good byes to pastor Lupito and his family.  They were a blessing to us and our trip.  We are very grateful for their hospitality and Christ like love they showed to us while we were staying with them.

We loaded up all our stuff and headed to a nearby community of Guana Coste.  When we arrived there we were greeted by a group of children from the school.  They had a banner made up for us and sang a little song too.  Like San Antonio and La Puerta, this community of Guana Coste is also looking for a partnering church.  We took a tour of this community and saw some of the previous projects that had been done.  We also visited the school and talked with the teacher a bit.  You could see she had a passion for teaching and was really helping the children in this community.

Like the other communities, we had a meeting with people from the community to learn about the community itself; their strengths and weaknesses as well as their needs.  It was a good conversation with a lot of input from the people in the community. After the meeting we headed to the city of Mangulile where we would be staying the night in a hostel.

We also visited a CRC church in Mangulile that is in a partnership with a church from Moline Michigan.  We spent some time talking with the pastor about their relationship with the church from Moline.  We also got to see some of the renovation and expansion work being done at the church.  The building is too small for the number of church member.

Back at the hostel it was the first time since leaving Tegucigalpa that we had cell service, so we also took this time to talk to our loved ones back in the USA and let them know how we were doing.