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Day 6 - Thursday August 24

After breakfast we packed everything up and headed for Catacamas, which is about a 4 hour drive from Mangulile.  On the drive we once again got to see some of the beautiful landscapes of Honduras.

After dropping our stuff off at the hotel in Catacamas where we would be staying we went to the Diaconia National office in Catacamas, where Arturo works out of.  We then headed out to do some site seeing and we went to the Cave of the Illuminating Skulls. The cave was impressive.  So far they have discovered 13 kilometers into the cave, and it goes on deeper.  The cave was a burial site for some of the indigenous people living in the area long ago (estimated around 300-600 AD) and there bones got crystalized from the minerals in the cave.  So when people discovered them in 1993 it looked like the bones and skulls were glowing, and that is how the cave got its name.

After our caving expedition we headed back to the hotel and had a debriefing as a group about our visits to the 3 communities (San Antonio, La Puerta, and Guana Caste).  We also said good bye to Arturo.  Arturo was a great help and blessing on this trip as well.  He had paved the way for us and made a lot of the connections with the communities before we got there.  Everyone in the communities already knew Arturo and loved him.  We were very appreciative of Arturo and Diaconia National and the work that they do.