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Day 8 - Saturday August 26 and beyond

We were a little anxious this morning with Hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas, and our flight back home was through Houston, but before heading to the airport, we stopped at the Diaconia National office in Tegucigalpa to have a debriefing with some Diaconia National staff.  It was a very open and heartfelt discussion that we had as we shared the things and moments during this trip that impacted us.  We all were very happy and impressed with the planning and organization of Diaconia National and World Renew.

As we walked into the airport we heard that our flight from Tegucigalpa to Houston was cancelled.  After a few stressful hours at the airport, only one person in our group was able to fly out.  The rest of us decided to make the most of our additional time in Honduras, so we visited La Tigre park and took a hike in the Cloud Forest.  It was a very serene walk that took our minds off our travel trouble and gave us some perspective.  That night the DeKams graciously hosted us all for dinner at their house.

The next day (Sunday August 27) 4 more of us were able to get flights back home while Stan, Randy, and Greg ended up staying until Tuesday August 29 before they got flights out of Honduras.  We all ultimately made it back to our homes in Minnesota and have started to get back to our routine. We are now in the process of evaluating and discerning our next steps and possible partnership with a community in Honduras.  We ask for continued prayers during the next couple months as we go through this process.

Thank you all for your prayers during our trip.  We feel very blessed to be able to go on this adventure.