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June 21 Update

Today was an incredibly touching day filled with moments where we experienced God and grew in various ways. 


We began the day with another early 5:00 morning and then headed out to cross the Nile to go on a safari. While we were waiting for the raft to take us and our bus across, we saw hippos in the river and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. Once we got across the river, we were about to leave for the safari when a baboon jumped into one of the safari jeeps and took a persons backpack with their lunch in it. He then began to eat it while everyone looked astonished. 


Our safari was led by a woman named Sara. She was an incredible guide and very outgoing and kind. She helped us spot animals such as leopards, antelopes (5 different types), hippos, giraffes, lions, elephants, jackals, and the national bird which is the crested cane. It was a fantastic safari and we all took a ton of pictures! 


After our safari, we drove for about 2.5 hours to Gulu where we will be staying for the next 2 nights at the Wellsprings Hotel. We then went to the Gulu Uganda Dairy. Tony and Susan run this farm and provided us with a delicious lunch. We then had the opportunity to hear various stories about people's lives in Uganda during the war with the Lords Resistance Army. One woman named Fida shared her story of when she was captured at age 16. She escaped from the bush and returned home to find that her father was killed. This story greatly impacted our group as we saw her raw emotions and experienced first hand the horrors of the LRA. 


In addition, we got to tour the dairy and see the cows and 2 calves. The work that Tony and Susan are doing on this farm is phenomenal. Tony is very dedicated to his work and strives to help make the community a better place. 


After dinner tonight, we got to listen and speak with Tessa who lives in a village in Gulu and works to improve social justice in communities. Her story was inspiring because she showed the power of perseverance and how one person can truly make a difference. She also encouraged us to become passionate about a topic in order to change a small thing. 


Today we were encouraged to make a difference in our communities and to never take anything for granted. Tony and Susan told us that we have so many opportunities to do great things, and it's our duty to make the most out of our situations. As we finish out another day in Uganda, we are excited for what we will do tomorrow and look forward to more experiences! 


-Morgan and Lauren