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June 22, 2017

Today started off as a good day because we got to sleep in until 8:00. :) After breakfast, we headed to Ajulu to visit the children at Father's House which is a place for underprivileged children. These children receive free education and boarding during the school year. Everyone was very happy to have us and welcomed us into their community. 


We began with introductions in the church and then proceeded to transplant green onions to a field. Next, we each planted a tree throughout the property. There were both fruit trees and shade trees that we planted. 


We then had a blast playing with the kids. :) Many people in the group played soccer with the children and we won 2-1 so that was exciting! Some people also threw frisbees and jumped rope with the children. Everyone was very happy to have us there. The kids were constantly smiling and laughing with us. We didn't want to leave them and they didn't want to leave us! 


The women of the church prepared a traditional Ugandan lunch for us. It consisted of goat, chicken, rice, beans, cabbage, and posho which is made out of maize. This posho is used as their silverware so we got an authentic experience for sure. 


After that, we traveled to Baker's Fort Patiko. This was a slave outpost where slaves were captured, sold, and killed. It was a powerful thing to see and we realized the harsh brutality of slavery through a first hand experience.


Tomorrow we head to Soroti to stay with the Shaarda family. We also are going to visit St. Francis school of the blind. We're looking forward to the adventures ahead!


-Morgan and Lauren