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June 25

Today we had breakfast at 8:15. After this, we packed up and went to the church where Josh Shaarda normally preaches and where his family attends as well. It was a two hour service that was filled with lots of singing, dancing, clapping, and scripture reading. 


The service began with a large group of kids singing and dancing to different worship songs. Next, various small groups performed and sang their own songs. The CCHS group sang "Amazing Grace-Fill it up" and "My friends may you grow in grace." This was a cool experience to interact in their service and participate. After all the singing, the scripture reading and preaching began. A native man was the speaker, and another man translated to English. 


After the service, we participated in the cultural dance that we had learned yesterday at the Shaarda's house. Then we said our sad goodbyes and took lots of pictures. 


Lunch at the Shaarda's was tacos, carrots, pop, guacamole and chips, and ice cream and brownies for dessert to celebrate Alex and Kayce's birthdays. The food was really good! 


After lunch, we had another round of sad goodbyes with the Shaardas. We then departed on a 5.5 hour drive to Jinja. We are staying at the Nile Explorer Camp. Dinner was hamburgers and fries which we all had been craving for a long time so that was really delicious! :) 


Tomorrow morning we leave to raft the Nile which we are all looking forward to! 



-Morgan and Lauren