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The Last Days - June 26&27&28

June 26 


Well the past couple of days have been quite interesting to say the least!! We've finally gotten wifi and the time to give everyone an update. 


On Monday, we rafted the Nile which was very exciting. First we drove to the base camp and had breakfast. Then we drove down to the Nile. We divided up into 3 different rafts and began with learning some basic maneuvers. Then it was time to go down the first rapid! We only had time to do the half day which consisted of 4 rapids. 2 were considered "grade 4" and 2 were "grade 5." The one raft that didn't want it as wild ended up flipping which was ironic! But we all had a fantastic time! 


After rafting, we enjoyed a light lunch/snack at the Java House where we got to eat some American food which was amazing. :) Next we had a 3 hour drive to Kampala where we stayed the night at the Namirembe Guest House which is where we stayed the first night. 


June 27 


On our last morning in Uganda, we got to go shopping! Everyone purchased fun souvenirs to remember the trip by. We look forward to showing and sharing them with family and friends! 


After shopping, we packed up our stuff and showered one last night before driving to the airport. We boarded our first plane from Entebbe to Brussels (with a stop in Kigali) which went smoothly. It just was fairly long since we had to make a stop and let people get off and others get on. 


June 28 


We made it to Brussels at about 7 am this morning (Brussels timing). We were prepared for a morning in the airport and were planning on leaving at 12:00. However, our plane got delayed and ended up leaving at 2:00 instead. This was an 8 hour flight but due to the 6 hour time change, it was only 4:00 when we arrived at the Dulles airport. Our next flight left at 5:00 and we were determined to hustle and make it. We went through customs fine, but then we couldn't locate our luggage. As it turns out, our luggage was sent to another building. During this hassle, we missed our flight to Grand Rapids. So we're now waiting in the airport and are leaving at 10:00 and flying into Detroit instead at midnight. Then we will be driving back to Grandville! Unfortunately, the plane didn't have room for one person of our group, so the Klein's will be staying the night before heading home tomorrow morning. 


Thank you for all the prayers along our journey. The adventure isn't quite over yet but we know God has it all in control! :) We are looking forward to being home! 



-Morgan (Lauren is sleeping) :)