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Sights and Sounds of Phnom Penh

Today we walked to the World Renew office located within walking distance of the Double Leaf Boutique Hotel where we are staying.  There we learned a bit about the Khmer language and culture.  We were led by two engaging facilitators from Gateway to Khmer. We found out that it is common in Cambodia to ask one's age.  The reason for this question is that greetings vary for different ages.  What is perceived as rudeness in North America is actually a desire to greet others respectfully.    We were given some tools to use as we meet and intereact with those involved in some of the rural projects, 

World Renew has established itself well in Cambodia.  On a river cruise Friday evening with office staff, our team and the Under Secretary of State for the Ministry of Rural Development, we learned that this official holds considerable regard for World Renew and is eager to partner with them in their develpment work.

Tomorow we will be worshipping with Kathleen Lauder at International Christian Fellowhsip.

Lyn, Elly and Mary from First CRC, Guelph, ON