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Feb 12, 2016; Summary of two weeks ago.

We’ve settled into a routine now. We absolutely love living in Malika; there is always something happening and different people popping in. From NGO groups to mission teams, missionaries to Senegalese people (both from Dakar and from villages outside). It’s always so interesting to meet and talk (in a variety of languages) to other brothers and sisters in Christ that we would not have had the chance of meeting otherwise.
We’re also now taking Wolof lessons again, although only once a week now for two hours. Our teacher, Elie, is a fellow believer who sells vegetables and fruit in front of where we live.
We have also been going along to the group sessions with the supervisors. We really enjoy meeting the girls, building a better relationship with the educators, and learning more about the program. We’ve also taken part in two meetings with the staff of PEVF (Programme d’education de la vie familiale). We now have a curriculum committee who will help guide us in our work and “Okay” any changes.
This week there have been two large group sessions on FGM (female genital mutilation) at the centre. It’s great to see everyone together and there’s a lot of dancing and singing before the presentation and discussion. A “sage-femme” (directly translated, “wise-woman” or mid-wife) gives the girls the information, explains how these traditions involving FGM are bad for their health, and then answers all of their questions. It feels odd for us to be singled out and thanked for helping when we feel that we’re a very small part of this incredible program that has been and is educating girls about health, their rights, and giving them basics of education. We are very thankful to be a part of such a special program.
Please pray that we will know how to proceed with the development of the program as well as being a good witness to those around us as most of the staff at the centre are Muslim.