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Getting Ready to Move.

Well, we have spent more than six weeks here. We have finished our formal Wolof lessons and will soon move to Malika in order to work in Yeumbeul. We still have much to learn in regards to the language, but we are confident we will use it quite a bit in the suburbs. Closer to downtown, most people prefer speaking French, but in the suburbs, Wolof is the primary language.

We traveled on the bus to Fond de Terre to the biggest vegetable market in Dakar. It was full of people, vegetables, fruit, and vendors yelling for attention. It was a little overwhelming, but our language instructor acted as our faithful guide. 

We have even learned to buy our own food, cook, and get a haircut. However, we will have to relearn everything again when we move. Yet, once we do move, we will be able to participate more in the program and the development of it.