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Update on Work

The weather here is starting to get warmer and be a little more humid in the middle of the day. However, by the late afternoon, it’s already cooling down, thanks to the ocean breeze. We’re almost done reviewing all of the sessions from the curriculum with the committee. We plan on presenting some of the changes and the new page layout/format to an open meeting with other members of PEVF by June 30th. It feels good to have several deadlines to work towards now. It also makes us feel like there is more direction to our work as well as making the days go quickly. As of this past Sunday, we’ve been here for 6 months already! We’re certainly feeling at home here now and things don’t seem so odd (although at times, there are always some shockers). Ramadan has just begun, which means we get to experience another part of Senegalese Muslim culture. We now have to watch out for passing busses, as the passengers spit (quite spectacularly) out the windows. Not only do they fast (includes not drinking water) for the entire day, but they are also not allowed to swallow their own spit. It makes things quite interesting. We’re also told that Ramadan may affect our work at the centre, as most people become very lethargic as the time draws on. Thankfully, however, it is not too hot yet, so that helps.

We also have a cute, little office now, that was made from temporary walls in the computer classroom at the centre. Two of the walls have windows which is great for a view, a breeze, and sunlight.

For the last few weeks, we have also been helping out with end of the program surveys for the participants. The purpose is to see what the girls have learned from the start of the program until the end, and what areas still need growth. We are doing this now because the program is almost finished and the whole month of July will be certificate ceremonies for the participant groups, as well as a chance to show their community what they have learned in the program. It has been very interesting to visit all the different neighbourhoods where the program is taught (all of which are in the suburbs of Dakar).