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Visit from Family & Sight-seeing in Dakar

In May, my (Jessica’s) cousin came to visit us for a week. We had a great time with her and were able to see many of Dakar’s landmarks. We went to visit the Marché HLM which is the largest textile market in Senegal. There were so many different types of beautiful cloth. Naturally, a decent amount of cloth was bought that day.

We also visited Île de Gorée which is a beautiful, peaceful island that has a very dark history. It was a slave trade island where many of the West African people were bought and sold to slave traders and then traveled to North and South America. We hired a guide (who spoke English) who has a history degree and learned much about the slave houses there. It was literally sickening to stand in the actual houses where the slave trade prospered for years. It left me feeling utterly shocked and sickened at the depravity of humanity and so thankful for the grace of God which saves us from ourselves.

We also visited Lâc Rose and found a delightful restaurant in which to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, the lake was not pink at that time, but it was a nice view; seeing the men in brightly coloured boats harvesting the salt. The Pink Lake is very salty, and we were told that you can float in it; just like the Dead Sea. We also found out that walking through sand dunes is a very effective exercise, however, not very efficient at getting you to your destination in a timely manner.

We were so thankful that my cousin could come visit. It’s nice to know that when we tell stories, even years from now, of when we were in Senegal, there will be someone who knows the places and people we’re talking about. We’re thankful for those who come to visit us, but also those who take the time to Skype with us and hear/see a little bit about our time here.