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¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Another year has gone by. Throughout 2015, Nicaragua became my home. Whenever I traveled outside of Nicaragua, I wanted to go back ‘home’ which is Nicaragua. Even when I came back from Korea, I told myself “it’s good to be home again” in my head. In my subconscious, however, I started to call Nicaragua my home. I am very thankful to God that I could have called Nicaragua my home although my home has been changing over the years. Nicaragua allowed me to easily adapt into the country as it has given me diverse experiences.

I am very excited to see what my next three months are going to look like before I say goodbye to this country. I will be leaving Nicaragua in April but I will still be working for World Renew Nicaragua until June to complete my term. I happen to leave the country earlier than I expected due to my visa application for graduate school. Although my plan has unexpectedly changed, I am still thrilled to work with and for God throughout the rest of my time in Nicaragua. 

CCDH Surveys & Data Analysis

Since April 2015, I have been working with CCDH (Christian Center for Human Rights) to design tools to measure the impact of their work for this coming evaluation in January 2016. One of these tools was a survey. After designing the survey, we distributed it to Houses of Justice in Nicaragua to be returned by September-October 2015.

Since the majority of, “Houses of Justice” locations lack resources (finances and internet access), they could not send back the surveys through email or mail. So, I decided to travel to different Houses of Justice to collect the surveys and to carry interviews for possible qualitative information. For three weeks, I traveled to Managua, Masaya, Niquinohomo, Matagalpa, Jinotega, Boaco, León, and Chinandega. By taking every type of public transportation that exists in Nicaragua, I was able to reach a wide variety of “Houses of Justice” in Nicaragua. This opportunity allowed me to see the bigger picture of the work of CCDH and learned about their improvements in the past three years.

Besides their own work, I got to personally interact with the volunteer lawyers who have been working with CCDH. Their passion was not merely out of empathy. Those lawyers intimately connected with people, especially those who are going through injustices, because they were the ones who had gone through similar issues before they become lawyers. I learned that when you can actually wear another person’s shoes, it is much easier for you to build a trust with that person.

While I was traveling around Nicaragua, an intern from Dordt College, Matthew Bolt, started to work with us for three weeks. He traveled along with me towards the end of November to learn about CCDH’s work in general. Moreover, he assisted me with data analysis after collecting all the surveys. We ran the data that we have collected and we analyzed them into different categories for the evaluation 2016. I cannot imagine myself doing all the data analysis in a short period of time without Matt’s help. I am very thankful for this input to this particular project.



From visiting CCDH Niquinohomo
Prayer Requests:

1. I will be helping two teams from the states this January. Please pray for safe travels and ask God to give us strength to carry different projects.

2. Please pray for CCDH evaluation 2016. From the 18th to 22nd of January, World Renew and CCDH are going to carry out the evaluation. Please pray to God to give us His wisdom and His guidance.