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Walking on the Way with Him

Since July, 2014, I have gone through four different teams from the US and have attended different workshops, trainings, and meetings with our partner organizations. I have a month left until I complete ¼ of my journey in Nicaragua. Time definitely flies faster than I expected.

I cannot deny the fact that I had times I was physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually struggling. I also brought up more questions to Him than when I was back in the states. Questions that no matter how much I think about them, I cannot figure out the answers with my limited brain. And God helped me to realize how to depend on Him and it is okay to depend on Him.

When I look at our local staff in our center or when I work with our partner organizations, I learn about ‘love’. I already knew the meaning of His love, yet, I struggled figuring out His love. What is God’s love? If His love is different from our mankind’s love, how will I be able to comprehend this? As I was entering the last month of 2014, my questions amplified.

However, through Isaiah 35, He finally gave me the answers and He has reaffirmed my call down here.

Love is JOY. I have been looking in the wrong places to find out His will. He has already confessed to me that He feels JOY by looking at me and through me. I have forgotten to care about how I was feeling. I just kept doing the work that was given to me. I realized now, if I don’t have happiness, joy, and smile in my life, I believe that I cannot show Christ to others through me.

Love is RESTORATION. Am I willing to sacrifice myself to restore others and bring them to Christ? What am I afraid of? He said love drives out fear and the one who fears is not made perfect in love (1 John 4:18). Do I want to be that one? No! I have again realized that God has restored me every moment in my life. Without His love, I cannot imagine myself being here. I couldn’t have come this far. I may not be able to restore or enlighten people around me, rather to obfuscate them. However, I can at least show and explain to them about Christ’s love because I experienced, am experiencing, and will experience in my life.

Love is the Way. Love allows me to walk on ‘the Way of Holiness’ (Isaiah 35:8). And I believe that the Way is walking in Christ. The unclean cannot walk on that Way, but His love constantly leads me to that Way.

After reading this chapter, I realized simply walking the Way with and in Christ matters the most. Since I received His love first, it’s time to love Him back. I realized doing a grand work in my life doesn’t really matter to God. He only looks at my heart. He sees where my heart is pointing to. He sees whether I love Him back and am willing to walk the Way. The greatest commandment may look very simple. However, it is the most difficult thing in human life that requires years of discipline.

The year 2014 went by really fast for me. As I have went through my last semester of college, graduation, preparation to be a volunteer under World Renew, and my adjustment in Nicaragua, I learned more about His love and took one step forward on the Way of Holiness. I am very excited to see how rest of my ¾ of journey in Nicaragua would look like. One thing that I can certainly say is that I am in the process of walking on the Way with Him.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for my upcoming trip with a team, Spring Lake, from the US. The team will be here from the 10th of January until the 19th of January. Please pray for our safety and work.
  2. Please pray for my health. I've been lately having an issue with my digestive system. 
  3. Please pray for farmers in Nicaragua. Climate change suddenly became a serious matter to many communities as it affects their food supply and creates problems for farmers. Thus, please pray for farmers in Nicaragua that they would be able to seek different agricultural methods wisely and creatively in response to constant climate change.