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Destination: Haiti.

Hi, my name is Quintina Blok. I want to tell you - it’s true. The Lord provides for us – what we need when we need it, even if it is something as trivial as what to do with our vacation time. For me, personally, over the last 9 months I had been thinking about what I was going to do with the 2 weeks of vacation time I had booked in March 2017. It truly was a struggle. I had plans with a coworker, they fell through; I looked into other opportunities, they weren’t the right fit. I was getting worried. I prayed. I knew I wanted to go SOMEWHERE.

Then…I went to Classis (a denominational administrative meeting for local-area Christian Reformed churches) in October 2016, and there it was! The World Renew representative mentioned this Service and Learning Reforestation opportunity in Haiti, and this piqued my interest. I gave it a good look, and I liked the idea of it. Then, my comfort zone took over, wrapped itself around me, nice and snug, and I promptly looked into other opportunities.

But then a funny thing happened. Everything that seemed interesting at first just didn’t feel quite right.  What to do? I eventually called Andrew, the team leader, and told him I was interested… and filled the Very. Last. Spot.

Wow. I could have missed out on this. I could have, but I didn’t. The Lord provided for me what I needed when I needed it. All I had to do was take that step.

Since January, the rest of the team (Bernice, Neal, Linda, Emily, Taylor, and Andrew) and I have been meeting via telephone to try to get to know a little bit about each other and work through World Renew’s pretrip study guide which focuses on transformation. We have been discussing things like vision, ownership, leadership, resources/skills, ongoing learning, and shalom. For me, this has been hard. It’s hard to answer questions in a team setting when I don’t know these other team members on a personal, intimate level. There are a few things I do know, though: We are all going to Haiti with a similar mindset – To be the hands and feet of Jesus. To cultivate relationships. To be open to new things. To get out of our North American box. To grow personally. To honour God. To love God. To be loved by God.

I am so excited for this trip to Haiti! Emily and I are starting our trip March 3 and will meet up with the rest of the team in Haiti on March 4. The team and I ask for your prayers as we take this journey to Haiti.

In Him,