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Destination Haiti: Work

Brother Lawrence said, "We must not grow weary of doing little things for the love of God, who looks not on the great size of the work but on the love in it."

This trip to Haiti was called a serving and learning opportunity. While I have done a lot of learning and hopefully serving as well, it truly was I who was served. It was hot. It was dirty. But the community and community spirit of Pignon is strong. They love the Lord. They loved the team. They loved me. While I feel I have only contributed a little, I hope I was also able to show the love of Jesus. I know I have seen it in my Haitian brothers and sisters by their infectious love and spirit while we were in Pignon. I hope the saying, "it's the small things that count" applies here - the small things like a smile, a moment of chit chat, a look, a prayer. 


May they be as deeply blessed as I was. - Quintina.