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Destination: Love and Grace

Haiti. My first experience on a mission trip and also exposure to poverty. What to say, though. My experience so far has been heat, people, heat, love, hospitality, respect, bumpy roads, no rhyme or rhythm with respect to traffic. Did I already mentioned heat? Our time so far has been learning about Haitian history and culture. What a history and what a culture. Arising from their terrible history (being brought to this island by slave traders, warring with the French and winning), theirs is a culture of love. We were told they don't spend much time indoors because they are a social people, a loving people. I think North American society has much to learn from this. 

On a different note, I have also experienced much grace. We travel around in a Land Rover, six in the back and one in the front with our driver/World Renew bridger, Gregory. I am the one who gets to ride in the front. Being so short makes it especially difficult to get in and out of the back of the truck. My teammates have graciously allowed me to ride in the front.



I have much left to learn; God has much yet to teach me. Pray that I and the rest of the team will be open to whatever the Lord has in store for us.