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To Love and Serve

 Our World Renew team came to Pignon, Haiti to serve and to love our neighbour, but soon realized that we were the ones being loved and served. The gracious Haitian hosts in Pignon gave us their best......a beautiful home to stay in with a generator that gave us power in the evenings, comfortable beds with all the necessities that made our stay comfortable. Our hosts spent all day preparing delicious meals for us, each one a feast.  Goats were slaughtered and prepared in tasty stews,  fried plantain, a variety of rice dishes, and so much more to eat in fellowship with our new friends.

We were invited to participate in a Reforestation project, organized by MDK, working with a group of young people from the community. This project focuses on rebuilding a mountain and community by planting trees. We prepared potting soil mix using sifted topsoil, sifted compost material and sand.  One group dug into the hard soil sifting clumps of dirt, another group sifted organic plant and animal materials to produce a rich compost. These were then mixed with sand in ratio of five parts dirt, three parts compost and two parts sand to create  potting soil.  Many hands shovelled this mixture into small open sacks into which seeds were later planted. Another group of workers smashed mango pits splitting them open and pulled out the seeds which could then be planted into the bags. We were told that within three years these seedlings will have grown enough to produce their first harvest.  Working as a group of about 25 for two days was productive and along with that we became a community. Separated by race and language we bonded together as Christ's body to work for His glory. We laughed, gestured and tried to speak each other's language. It was a happy babble of Creole, French, Spanish and big family of God. Over wonderful hot meals together in the church hall, we enjoyed food and conversation. 

 As we served and loved our Haitian family in Pignon, we were embraced and served by them.  God works in amazing ways to bring His people together. We ended our time together after two days with a prayer of thanks to Him who blessed us all.  - Berniece.