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Our Team Covenant

As I mentioned in a previous post. In preparation for our trip, our team has been meeting since January by telephone to try to get to know each other and prepare by going through World Renew’s Pre-Trip Study Guide. This guide focuses on the Seven Dimensions of Transformation. These include: Shared Vision, Sense of Community, Ownership, Leadership, Assets Knowledge and Skills, Ongoing Learning, and Shalom.


During our weekly phone calls we have discussed one dimension each meeting, and from our discussions we have created a team covenant. Below please find our Team Covenant.



Shared Vision:


The vision we share is that we will come together to experience and learn what God is looking to teach and show us in Haiti.

Sense of Community: 

For our team a sense of community is a place where we can find encouragement, trust, and cooperation. 



We want each member to “own” this opportunity meaning that they come away from this experience feeling like they fully participated.



Our team’s leadership will give each participant a chance to speak and to be heard. Our leadership is also dedicated to conflict resolution, and bringing the group together. 

Resources, Knowledge, and Skills:

Our team has a desire to be in meaningful communication with those we encounter in Haiti. We also desire to engage in hospitality and service. As a team we are hoping to grow in our understanding of how to show hospitality and how to serve a community in a way that reflects God’s love while being part of a sustainable program.   

Ongoing Learning:

Our team has agreed to meet regularly during our time in Haiti to debrief, reflect on the previous day and to prepare for the events of the day to come. We commit to learning and reflecting while we serve.

Kingdom or Shalom:

During our time in Haiti will be seeking out how World Renew, it’s partners, and the community are implementing Kingdom building. We will also be opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit so that we too may be transformed.