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The Definition of Courage

With love and care, little by little, lives can be rebuilt on a foundation of trust, hope, and the security of employment.

Today was a difficult one for our team. We visited a site where World Renew and ACHAMA (our local partner) work to rescue and rehabilitate girls from the sex trade.

The girls were very young, mostly between 15 and 17 years old. The youngest girl to enter the program was 9. One story in particular was gut-wrenching. We were told that last week one of the girls went to fetch water and was raped. Just getting water is a security issue.

These girls live with burdens and memories and pain no child should ever have to bear. And still, their hope and good-humor peeked through as they showed us the trades they are learning: tailoring, designing, and baking. They take pride in their work and will use these skills to earn money.

These girls are the definition of courage. We are so grateful they took time to show us what they are learning and welcomed us to participate in their lives for a day.