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Welcome to our blog! We are on a two week trip to Tanzania and Kenya to visit several World Renew projects. Some of the projects we will be visiting include: sex-work interventions, health programs, and agriculture programs. BUT, we also have a guest author writing many of these blog entries.

Calvin College and Vermont College of Fine Arts graduate and established author, Larissa Theule, will be writing most entries of this blog. We will take what quality photos we can, and Larissa will then expound on these photos with creative writing. Through photography and creative writing, the goal is to provide a different and unique lens through which to view life and lives in these communities in Tanzania and Kenya. 
One note about World Renew. As an organization we are very intentional in preserving and highlighting God's dignity in all individuals in our communications. That is why you won't find pictures highlighting the misery and anguish of people. If we do, please bring it to my attention and shame us!