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Weekend in Japan

First of all, sorry for not writing for a while. My computer decided to kick me off the internet before I could post this morning. The past couple days have been absolutely amazing! 

Friday, we started as two teams, one went to a paprika farm and helped drive stakes into the ground, but that was done very quickly, so the group decided to join the other team at Mrs. Suzuki-son's farm.  At the farm, we moved dirt, dug and sifted the ground and did all sorts of character building work.  On Friday afternoon, the team finally got some downtime.  We enjoyed the time by going shopping, sleeping, or just hanging out playing cards.  That night, the team split up again, some going to a teen time in Sendai where they played games, met local college students, and had dinner.  The other part of the team stayed at the Nozomi Center and had a birthday party for all the kids born in July.  They played bingo, sports, and ate birthday cake.  After the party, the people at the center were treated to a taiko drum performance.  The drums were absolutely fantastic!

On Saturday, we went to gospel live in Sendai.  At the festival, our group was involved with face painting at the kids corner.  Pictures WILL be posted.  The festival was hosted by Samaritan's Purse.  They had people from the community serving food, and all sorts of other things, from souvenirs to arm painting.

Church this morning was an hour and a half long service in Japanese and after that we went out to Sendai and did some looked around. We saw a Japanese rapper at the beer festival (no, we didn't drink anything).  After that, we took the train back to Yamamoto-cho and while on it some Japanese kids got a good laugh at how tall and different we were (especially Bruce).

Well until another day! Hello from Japan!

P.S. Tomorrow we plan on seeing the sunrise at the beach!