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Working the Fields in Yamamoto-cho

Konnichiwa! Many great things have been happening here in Yamamoto-cho the last couple of days! 

Some of our team members have been working in Mrs. Suzuki's field. In order for the field to be usable, the soil needs to be sifted and decontaminated. The rocks also need to be picked out of the soil. Bruce, Marc, Rebecca and Lauren have been working at that site at different points in the last two days.

Others from our team spent time at the strawberry field. In order to help a local farmer, we moved some greenhouse supplies to create space for a new greenhouse. We also helped transplant strawberries and pot cuttings from strawberry plants. The time spent there was a great opportunity to spend time getting to know each other. The owners were so friendly: even treating us to some nice cold treats!

Another site being worked on was Saito-san's paprika farm. The team spent time building nets to provide shade for the peppers. We weeded in the greenhouses, and I (Ashley) even got to spend some time harvesting some fresh lettuce for our team. As a bonus, the owners showed their thanks for our hard work with a good supply of lettuce, paprika peppers and potatoes. Feeding 20 people takes a lot of food!

Many other things have been happening while some of us are out on the field. People have been preparing for a birthday party for the July babies in the neighbourhood. Cakes are being baked and decorations are being made!

It has been such a blessing being part of the community. The staff at the Nozomi Center have a big heart for the people of their community. It's been so much fun working with them and getting to know the people of Yamamoto-cho. Please pray for continued health and energy for our team here in Japan.

Until next time!

Written by Ashley Groenwald, Team Member for Japan Team - July 2012