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Water -- Too much or too little

During a very rough landing when arriving in Nicaragua in a rain storm I was the only passenger smiling, hoping that the farmers with whom we work would also be receiving this blessing. Moisture for the thirsty ground!  As we proceeded up the mountain the rain lessened but we spotted puddles along the roadside.  Unlike the 5 inches received in Managua, the area in which we live received only 1 ½ inches.  But we are thankful for that much moisture. 

We have been living in a drought situation in our area for over a year.  Each season the farmers tell us that there is less rain than the year before but until this crop season, they were able to harvest enough to feed their families and their animals.  Now it is different.  Some say that this is the worst drought in over 30 years.  The usual spring rains of May and June did not appear.  Many farmers decided not to plant.  Seeds that were planted did not grow nor produce well.  Nothing feels better nor smells better to these farmers than the fresh rain falling, no matter how little or how much. Since that time there have been daily rains, enough to give the farmers hope for an abundant crop this season.

But a good rain is too much rain.  In the city of Managua, 5 inches of rain fell in an hour.  Streets flooded, trees fell, houses damaged. Water flows through the Nehemiah Center grounds when there is a good rain.  The results of the rain and the flooding were evident Wednesday morning when everyone came to work.  Rubber boots were the fashion attire and everyone pitched in to clean up the mud and the water.  In some areas there had been up to 10 inches of water, with mud and water covering electrical equipment, books, and financial records.  By noon, most of the water and mud had been removed and people started cleaning up their own office spaces.  Work has returned to normal but the amount of damage has not been determined.  Nehemiah Center works on a very slender budget and replacing the items will be a challenge.  If anyone wishes to donate to replacing equipment or books a cheque, made out to Centro Nehemias, can be sent to Centro Nehemias, Apartado 1076, Managua, Nicaragua.  Money can also be sent along with any short term team member.  This money would not be eligible for a charitable donation receipt.