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First day of building the school

Alarms go off at 6 am Monday morning which means play time is over and our first day of work has begun.  

Morning coffee till about 6:30am and then we started to see the shovels and pick axe's come out from the darkness.  The first task we were given was to dig a trench beside the fence by the main road to bring a new water line down from the water project that was worked on last year.  We began digging and digging and digging this trench which we were told needed to be about up to your knee and about 8 inches wide, seems like that shouldn't be too hard.  The whole team was taking turns running a pick axe or a shovel, first break up the dirt with the axe then shovel it away.  We stopped at 8:30am for breakfast which was a well needed break as the temperature was rising.  A delicious breakfast of porridge and egg and cheese sandwiches was made by our wonderful cooks.  This was needed as we were working very hard digging the water line trench.  

After breakfast we were joined by some village members to help with some of digging, the trench ran beside the fence which was pretty easy digging as it was mostly soft dirt but as soon as we got to the part that crossed the road everything changed.  The dirt on the road was very packed down but also getting very rocky, which made it dramatically harder to dig and to go along with that the temperature was also rising.  We managed to get most of the trench dug doing switching in and out of digging and find some water and shade.  

Lunch time rolled around and we were all ready for a break. Unfortunately someone eagerly hacking away at the hard ground swung hard enough to break a current water pipe inhibiting our water supply at our camp which ultimately kept us from being able to shower after lunch. We were forced to embrace our sweatiness for a little while longer. While waiting for the water to be turned back on we sat in our dining area and brought out some colouring and card games to  play with the kids. Around 2:30pm the water was back on and we were finally able to take some much needed showers. After showering we continued with colouring and playing card games until 4 when we got to meet with some of the community leaders. During this meeting we were able to ask some questions about their community and the various forms of work. The leaders included Olman, one of the pastors, a man in charge of the credit unions, those in charge of the water board, someone in the school board and one in charge of the plantation and farming. Some things we discovered throughout this meeting was how much land here costs, much more than it costs back home, how the community works to provide jobs for the rest of the community, how the credit union works, and their hopes for the water project.