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Our mission has begun

Our journey to Las Minas began at 3:45 am on Thursday the 16th of February. Pastor Art was kind enough to meet us at the church early in the morning and see us off on our trip with a very nice prayer.  We departed from Edmonton at 8 am and landed in Houston at 1:30, from there all 16 of us jumped into a bus and went for a late lunch at the Monument Inn, which over looked the waterway.  The view from in the restaurant was very cool as we could watch big oil tankers and sea container ships float by.  From there we toured a World War II battleship. It interesting to see how men and women lived and worked on these big ships during the war.  Next to the battleship was the San Jacinto War Monument which is 567 ft tall, made completely out of concrete. We rode an elevator to the top where we could look out on the Houston area and see that you are mainly surrounded by oil and gas refineries.  That topped off a long day for everyone and we had a flight to catch in the morning, so we headed for our hotel.

Friday morning we left for San Pedro, Honduras and after a little bit of a rough ride we arrived safe and sound.  As we were waiting in the customs line in the airport, we could see 2 other mission groups that had arrived at the same time we did. This made us realize God is working all around us with many different people from different countries.  We were greeted at the airport by our translators Lucy, Robert and Tony, they helped us load our luggage into a pick-up truck and load all 16 of us into a cozy bus.  We had a short stop at Pizza Hut for lunch and headed on our 6 hour ride through Honduras.  Along the way we were greeted with many big smiles and friendly waves from the locals which made us feel very welcome in their country.  They have a different driving style here which includes a lot of speeding up and slowing down for speed bumps and pot holes, and a lot of swerving to miss pot holes and pass many different types of vehicles and people.  We arrived at our hotel in Olanchito and were treated to our first Honduran meal, delicious chicken tortillas with beans, avocado and feta cheese. 

Tomorrow we begin our day with an orientation in the morning then we are off to our last stop the village of Las Minas to begin Humble Service Building community mission with God.