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Pick Axes and Shovels

A beautiful Tuesday morning began at 6 am with fresh coffee and cookies before our start to the day. Today's work required us to divide into three groups and begin digging trenches again.  One group continued with the trench up the road to the main pipe for the water project tie in. This will enable the village to use the water from the new tank. The second group started a trench to another house that will use the new water source when it is in operation. The third group was working to dig the trench for the outside walls of the kindergarten. This trench work was going very well until they informed us that one wall was supposed to move 2 ft farther out.  

As the day went on, we had a brief stop for a delicious breakfast and more coffee. We carried on after breakfast with the same jobs, as the temperature continued to rise. One group was fortunate enough to be working in the shade and they occasionally traded off with the ones working in the direct Honduran sun. This rising temperature made the digging drastically hard, although with a little assistance from some of the Hondurans we managed to get most of it done.  

Around noon we were all more than ready for a break. Thankfully we were called to another delicious lunch of hamburgers and french fries, which reminded us of home! After lunch we had a bit of free time and some of us caught a quick siesta or played cards with the children who never ventured far from our camp.  

Before we left for our mission, we gathered up quite a few pairs of eye glasses that we hoped some of the locals could use as reading glasses. We set up a temporary optometrist office and a steady stream of locals came in and tried glasses on to see if they helped with their vision. One of the teams favourite memories over the last couple days was watching the looks on the faces of the locals when they put the glasses on and realized they could see the smaller print clearly. They were all so thankful for this gift to them and they were proud to show each other their new glasses and cases.

The men on our team decided it was a good time to bring out the hockey sticks and play a game with the local boys. It was fun to watch the intense game between them.

The temperature started to cool down just in time for supper. Once again we were spoiled  by our hard working cooks and  treated to spaghetti and meat balls with a fresh salad.  

Next on the agenda the team set up for ladies night for the mothers in the village. With the assistance of the men, the ladies of our team gave mini pedicures to the local women. All the women were excited to pick out a polish colour and very appreciative of this small service we could provide to them.

We finished off our very busy day with devotions and most of us fell into our beds for a restful sleep...until the roosters started to crow.