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Rise and shine early

We started our second day in Las Minas with a very early morning. We were awakened by the roosters and dogs letting us all know they were still in the village, at 4:30 am.  We managed to stay sleeping a little longer before we had morning coffee and breakfast while organizing our Sunday school program. This included chopping pieces of bamboo with a very large machete. At 10 am Sunday school started with many different children from around the community. The children began singing songs and we sang the songs we had learned in Spanish. As the songs went on, more children arrived at the church. Marjorie read the story Let The Children Come To Me, from the Children's Storybook Bible, as we acted it out. The children all took part in the acting and especially enjoyed running to Jesus (played by Jack). Next we began the wind chime craft for the children. This was one of our highlights from the day as the kids were so excited to make their own wind chime from bamboo, string, beads and bells and to take the craft back to show their parents.  

Lunch was another fantastic meal cooked by the ladies in the village. We were treated to fried chicken, french fries, watermelon and a fresh salad.  The afternoon was spent in the shade playing cards and amusing the kids with a few magic tricks. The kids were also trying to teach us Spanish which went well for some and not so well for others. 

Before supper we were invited to visit the people in the village in their own homes. We split into groups and headed into the village to begin building our relationships within the community.  At every casa we were warmly greeted with big smiles. The families we visited with were like us in many ways. We met Olman and Aldicia. They have 10 children, adults down to 2 years old. Olman told us he is an active member of two churches! He introduced several brothers in Christ to us, who were at his home. Another group met Leila, a single mother of 6. Leila is one of the ladies who has been working hard to prepare for our arrival, cooking and cleaning for us while we are here. Leila's husband is gone and she informed us that she relies on God in raising her children. The last group visited Ramone Sr and his wife who moved to Las Minas 9 years ago from another community for work.  Along with them, their son, his wife & small child also relocated to Las Minas. They all work on a cattle farm for the owner of the land, who lives in Olanchito. They have lived in other communities, but have come to love the community and the love of their neighbours in Las Minas. Most of the village is family members who all work together to improve the village. Within each family the husband is the farmer. He goes out to the plantation and corn fields at 4am and returns in the afternoon around 4pm. The wife stays home to care for the children and prepare meals. Many families have a little flock chickens that run around wild, they use them for eggs and eating. We saw many homes with the children's wind chimes hanging proudly on their houses.

After we returned from our home visits, it was time for supper! We were treated by the women in the village to beef enchiladas, fresh pineapple and our choice of ice cold Pepsi, Sprite or Fanta. Then showers and off to our tents for a good night's sleep.