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We have arrived at the village of Las Minas

Our morning began with breakfast at 7:45, which may be a late start compared to the rest of the week. After breakfast we were given some free time in which some of us went for a walk around Olanchito and the others took time to rest and pack. Orientation began at 10:00 and apart from some very uncomfortable chairs it was a good time. We were informed of how to be culturally respectful, and the vision and work of ALFALIT here in Honduras. After orientation we ate a delicious lunch consisting of ham, rice, vegetables, fried plantain, and refried beans, a staple food here in Honduras and prepared to depart for the community of Las Minas Aguan. This 30 minute drive seemed like a dream compared to yesterday's 6 hour drive.

Upon arrival we were welcomed and greeted by some of the children and women within the community who appeared to be eagerly anticipating our arrival. Many of us were pleasantly surprised by our accommodations as they have 2 big tents sent up for us, 2 toilets and 2 latrines (essentially toilet bowls you pour water into to flush) equipped with garbage cans for toilet paper disposal, and 4 showers. After hauling our bags into our tents many of the children came to play games with us. While the girls played duck, duck, goose (pato, pato, ganso ), and various clapping games, the men were dragged off to play soccer, losing 7-0. Though our guys thought it would have been nice for the locals to take it easy on the guests, soccer here in Honduras is not something to take lightly. 

Before supper we took some time to visit, rest and organize our suitcases. The ladies lost track of time and we wound up eating supper about 40 minutes late. After supper we headed of to a welcome ceremony hosted by the community. Though we were quite exhausted by the end of the day we were all just happy to finally be here and are eagerly anticipating our first day of work. As well, though we were nervous about the cold showers, and showering in the dark,  many of us found them to be so refreshing at the end of our long hot day.