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After a little bit of a cooler night, which was a nice change, we awoke to a beautiful sunrise for our morning coffee.  We began our day by splitting into two groups, one was to continue work on the trench to the water project pipe and the other would continue working at the school site.  While the one group continued to trench for the rest of the morning, the second group was eventually told the trench they were digging in the school was deep enough. This group started building the rebar for the main support columns.  We had different teams that did different jobs including cutting wire, bending wire, putting the rebar together and tying the rebar together with wire.  Beginning this work was a very nice change from the trenching we have been doing and with the cooler weather,  it gave us a chance to cool down a little bit.  Our breakfast was eggs, tortillas and pancakes and for dessert we had freshly cut watermelon, then back to the grind.  We finished our morning off building the rebar supports and moving rocks beside the school with a wheelbarrow that we will use in the base for the foundation for the school.

Lunch tested us, as we were given whole deep fried fish which looked like piranha. Although the look of the fish made a few of us uneasy, it was delicious! After lunch we prepared to leave for our day of shopping and pool time. While the cloudy cooler weather was nice for shopping, it didn't make for the nicest pool day. A few of us dared to go in the water, but many of us just sat by the pool and visited. Some of the guys decided to race across the pool but found themselves lost along the way. The pool was not big or long by any means, but swimming in a straight line proved tricky. After about an hour in and around the pool, we gathered in a sheltered dining area and ate a delicious supper of chicken, steak, and sausage with corn tortillas, homemade pico de gaillo, and refried beans. A few bats decided to protect us from the bugs which some of us appreciated but others of us found a little creepy. I'd rather get malaria than rabies. We were also kept company by many fireflies which made the ground look like it was covered in sparkling lights. Around 8pm we left the pool, waiting at the bottom of a hill for our vans to come pick us up. Once we arrived back in Las Minas we gathered and did our devotions and prepared for the coldest night thus far.