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Day four was a very warm day full of cheerful giggles, hard work, and plenty-o-hugs! These kids love when we come to visit, and they sure know how to make a group feel welcome! Today’s blog is featuring…..drum roll…. Robyn Cook and Linda Droogsma. Robyn started out the trip feeling kind of icky from the crazy driving they do here. Lots of twists/turns/sudden stops. But she got some rest and has been ready for action ever since. She is always energetic and eager to see what’s next and what Warren Kamstra was so passionate about. Linda is the sassy Peasite. But she has such a soft spot in her heart for the kids here and it’s obvious that was the reason she came back after her first year here in 2016. 
Linda Droogsma: "Today we were at the school in El Tineco. I got to sing with the kids during our VBS activities. The kids would be shy at first but they do love to sing!! They had a “competition” between the boys and the girls singing Alleluia, Alleluia and did they ever sing then!! It was wonderful to hear. Lots of hugs and smiles from them! It was a great day." 
Robyn Cook: "Today was a really hard, hot, exhausting day. It was one of the best days I have had! We were welcomed into the community of El Tineco by two boys chasing our bus and then jumping on the back. I turned around in my seat and one was looking in the side window with a grin from ear to ear. As we pulled up into the school area I saw lots of little kids with huge smiles. I was nervous. I had never done anything like this before. As I entered the building I took a seat next to a little girl sitting all alone. I will never forget Julisa! The day was filled with hugs, smiles, work, and soccer! We also did crafts, games, songs, and ended the with pinatas! I don’t think I have words to describe the impact these kids had on me. God lead us to El Tineco, and these children. We went there to love them and connect with them. I hope we left an impact on them because I know I will never forget them."
Seeing these communities and interacting with these kids and families can really have an effect on your emotions. It’s devastating to think of all the things working against these kids and their potential. Education, healthcare, drugs, abuse, crime, etc. We spent such a short amount of time with them, did we do enough? Does what we did today matter? The answer is YES IT DOES. The light of the Lord was in El Tineco today. We saw it in the kids’ smiles, laughter,  and excitement. You could see it when you looked around the room and every child was wearing a cross necklace. You could feel it when these kids hugged you and didn’t want to let go, or when we held hands and prayed together. And you could hear it when the kids were belting out praise songs, in both languages! With God’s guidance we do what we can, with what we have, and we leave the rest in His hands! Because that's what having faith means, AMEN?! 
The internet here is… no bueno… or not that great, so if you don’t hear from one of us, I can almost guarantee they are just fine and are standing outside trying to find a secret spot with strong signal but it’s just not happening. So no worries there. But that’s also why I can’t upload more pictures… But I’ll keep trying. Tomorrow is already day 5, so Monte Margarita here we come!