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After 18 straight hours of travel, day one is wrapping up! 

It's late and we are all extremely tired but what's a good blog without the juicy details, right?! So, we got to the airport this morning around 3:30am. We waited in line with all of our luggage for the machines to get started up so we could validate our passports and print our boarding passes for the day. Things went smooth but then we realized that one of our passports was expired. But God is good and even though it took multiple phone calls, family members woken up at 4am and rushing to the airport, and the help of Heidi the gracious airport employee --- we got it figured out. A little bit of switching around and we were all reunited in Atlanta in time to ALL catch our flight to Guatemala. Praise be to God!

Overall the flights were great and when we got our luggage and went outside we immediately saw our friends Davinsky, Patty, and Luisa waiting for us. It was like the song- Reunited and it feels so gooooood! 

Thanking God tonight for His never ceasing guidance and protection, even in moments of chaos. :)