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We have arrived. Phew! We were up early this morning and at Esperanza Miralta, we were only scheduled to be there until 1pm due to having the long drive ahead of us. The morning went quick. We arrived and walked through a path decorated with palm branches and flowers. Then came into a school house full of over 100 kids in their best outfits, grinning ear to ear, and clapping for us as we came in. Carlos, a leader there, told us that the day Pease comes to the school (once a year) the whole community thinks of it as a holiday. If that doesn't make your heart want to explode with love for them and invest in the kids' futures than I don't know what will! They sang a beautiful song for us, and hugged us as we gave out supplies and cross necklaces. Tonights blog features...drum roll... Miranda Caflisch and John Goslinga. This is Miranda's first time on a trip like this, and she seems like a natural. I haven't seen her stop smiling yet. The kids love her and I can see her love growing for this place every day we are here. John, my dad. :) Bit of a rough start to the trip with the 'ole passport situation but I'm so glad he's here. From what I can see he has gotten more and more comfortable here each and every day. Today he was even the one the kids called for to break the pinata! I know he has been touched by the graciousness and stories of the people here; they are things you can never forget. 

John Goslinga: A special week- Started with a beautiful church service with Christians I had never met before. Throughout the week we met fellow believers who have been praying for us throughout the past year. Beautiful people. Very special!

**Did I mention he isn't much of a blogger? :) 

Miranda Caflisch: Hola!!  What a week we have had, and now a bitter sweet ending.  We all enjoyed a wonderful, uneventful drive into the mountains this morning.  Ha just kidding.  It started out on a nice smooth road, turned into a rather bumpy road and then into something the native people may call a road.  At one point we had to all get out so the bus could make it up an incredibly steep hill, and then someone needed to hold the electrical wire up so the bus could drive under it!  Finally we arrived at our destination, once again greeted with lots of fire crackers and smiles!  After singing, which was awesome, and lots of speeches we got right to work.  Kids enjoying a puppet show to start it off followed by crafts, singing/games and of course football and don’t forget the piñatas.  Today was short due to the fact we needed to head back to Guatemala City.  Lots of driving, and lots to see but we made it!  Miss you all, but not the weather!  See you soon

Tonight I'm thanking God for this group and our relationships. We have spent a looooot of time together in the last week and we laughed just as hard on the bus today as we did on day one. It's a special bond you form as a team when you experience something like this. Also thankful for our World Renew team and interpreters. Without them, this is would be next to impossible and not to mention that with all this aside, they're our FRIENDS! We even have a new friend, Bethany. She is working at World Renew currently and has been with us this week. She is bilingual so she is automatically greatly appreciated, not to mention that she is loved by every kid that meets her and is a perfect addition to this crazy clan of Peasites.