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Hola mi amigos! 

Today we worshipped at a church called Jehova Jireh. I looked up what that means and found that "jireh" means "God will provide." When Abraham was going to sacrafice Isaac, but then God stopped him and provided the ram instead, Abraham named that place "Jehova Jireh." This is a church that Davinsky, our World Renew bridger that accompanies us throughout our whole trip, started attending in January. The service was not translated so we couldn't understand all ...(or any)... that was being said, but we were able to recognize familiar songs and read along in the scripture. After the service Julee explained how our church got involved in missions in Guatemala, and Pastor Michael explained why as Christians we are called to do so. Then there was time for some Q&A with their congregations and the team. One of them asked if we would share the apple pie recipe! :)

After church we went to an outdoor area for lunch with the World Renew members and their families. It was a unique opportunity for us as a team to meet the loved ones of our friends that make this opportunity possible for us. At one point we all gathered in a circle to offer some of them a small gift and share our gratitude for each other, and they shared with such sincerity how much our church and this work means to them. A moment filled with such honest emotion and gratitude, it reaffirms why we all came. To be the hands and feet of God. 

Then we traveled to Retalhuheu, where we will be staying for next few nights while we go to the villages. We upacked all the school supplies and got organized for the week. Tomorrow we will go to El Tineco, which has 180 students. So did we pack 3 pencils, 1 eraser, and 1 Warren Kamstra mint into 180 little baggies? YES WE SURE DID. We actually packed about 600 baggies because that is how many students we will see throughout the next few days. We will also be giving them some notebooks, crayons, markers, Bibles, and soccer balls. Each child will also get a small cross necklace that the Pease Gems group made. Then we got a game plan for how we are going to put on VBS for the kiddos and headed off to bed for some sleep- we're going to need the energy starting bright and early tomorrow morning! 

Thanking God for great weather, good health, and safety during all of our travels.  As we head to the first village tomorrow, we are praying that God opens our hearts and minds and provides us with the wisdom and grace to share His love with these awesome kiddos!