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Day two update coming at 'cha! 

The hotel we stayed at last night was overlooking Lake Atitlan. This is a gorgeous lake surrounded by 3 volcanoes, and is a tourist destination for places all over the world. We were able to wake up, have fresh coffee, listen to the birds chirp, and have our morning devotions together out on the dock. TALK ABOUT BEAUTIFUL! As we were starting devotions, Julee mentioned to Davinsky that he was spoiling us because it was so beautiful here, he immediately responded "We can blame God for the beauty." What a great response. We are surrounded by God's handiwork and there was no doubt about it. After breakfast we got on a boat and were able to stop at two different communities around the lake. We walked down the streets where they sell their handmade gifts and foods. They all sell similar items (bags, clothes, jewelery, toys) and they all want you to buy THIERS. Can't blame them when you see how hard they work to create the items... but Linda thinks she said "no gracias" (no thanks) about 120 times today. After lunch we traveled another two hours to Xela. This is the hometown of Davinsky, Patty, and Luisa. We are here for tonight because in the morning we will be going to Davinsky's church to join them in worship. After the service during the Sunday school hour, they are asking us to discuss how our church got started in the mission field, because they may be interested in doing the same. It will be fun to share our passion for spreading God's truth and love and hopefully inspire them to do the same. 

As far as the group, everyone is doing well. I'll start spreading the blog-love pretty soon so you guys can hear from each of them too, but so far they all go to bed when it comes time. Just kidding... but it was a long day and everyone is tired! I happened to make eye contact with Patty this afternoon when I yawned, and she said that when that happens Guatemalans say "Don't swallow me!" Pastor Michael said he's going to start saying that on Sunday mornings! 

I'll try uploading some pictures now! 

P.S. The group gave me some grief for not naming names about the passport incident... so his name rhymes with Shmohn Shmoslinga. And our hero in pajamas at 4am was Damian Patnode. He deserves a shout out for 1. Answering my 345am phone call. 2. Searching high and low for what we needed. and 3. Racing it to the airport in time for us all to fly to Guatemala together. I knew I liked that guy.