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My journey in Leon has officially ended as of today.

It took me for a month and 3 weeks. It was short. Is this called bittersweet feeling? I didn’t even realize that I learned Spanish so fast. Together with my Nica family’s and local friends’ help, my cultural went smoother than I thought. It would be a total lie if I say I enjoyed every single day while I was in Leon. However, it is definitely true that I...

It seems like a yesterday when I first arrived to Nicaragua...It's been officially a month since I came to Nicaragua! Time definitly has gone so fast. I did not realize it until few days ago when my Mama told me about it. 

For the past three weeks, I have been so blessed with great memories. 

The River Rock Team from Grand Rapids came to Nicaragua for the first week of August. Such a blessing time that I had with...

Okay. It’s been exactly a week since I came to Nicaragua. Everything is new here. Language, culture, food, and the extreme weather. However, God has been so great to me. My new family in Nicaragua has been great. Their care and love towards me really touched my heart. Although I am an Asian girl who doesn’t speak much Spanish, they have been really patient with me. They want to listen to my story and they really helped to learn...

After my graduation, I have been staying in California. Before I came to here, I told myself that I want to be spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for Nicaragua. However, I failed.

I tried to do daily devotion, but honestly sometimes I cannot solely concentrate on Him. I got lazy and lazier. I should have physically worked out every single day but due to my laziness, I failed to do so. Yes, I attended dawn morning prayer/service once...

Moving On

On the 24th of May, I did it! 


I graduated from Calvin College - B.A. in International Relations with Honors.



Bitter sweet moments. 

Bazillions of people.

Taking each of their moments to take pictures.

Taking each of their time to say good bye.

You never know when you will meet them again,


Spring has Sprung!

In two weeks, I will be graduating from Calvin College. For the past four years, I feel so blessed to encounter so many people and have tremendous experiences that I will never forget. [I took the above picture with my small group from Grace Korean CRC - we did Bible study together for this entire semester!]

I am in the middle of fund raising for my work in Nicaragua and I will be further concentrating on this...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I am a senior at Calvin College majoring in International Relations. I was born and raised in Korea, but my whole life changed at age 12 when my dad received a call to be a missionary. Our family moved to Indonesia for a year for my parents’ language training...