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We Have Faith Environmental Expedition's Blog

Written by: John Elwood

How many days last year did you spend caring for your Father’s creation? We all know that “tending and keeping” God’s world was the first job assigned to mankind in the Bible (Genesis 2:15), but many of us struggle to see what it has to do with our discipleship and calling. How about you?

Here in Kenya, we see a lot of day-to-day creation care by ordinary people. Maybe it’s because most people live by tending the plants...

Written by: Harry Cook

As one travels in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa, there are two groups of people one often runs into: Mennonites and Reformed Christians. Perhaps this is the case because both kinds of Protestants believe that Scriptures and faith should compel us to make a difference in the lives of others. Mennonites go one better than the Reformed churches in one aspect: many Mennonite denominations work together in one organization: the prosaically named Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).


Written by: Cindy Verbeek

While in Kenya, we heard over and over again how the rains are no longer predictable and the people have no idea when to plant their crops. Sometimes, they said, the rains didn’t come at all. It is hard to ignore that the weather patterns (i.e. climate) are changing in Kenya which brings devastating effects to people who rely directly on rain fall patterns for food. So who is to blame? Deforestation, soil erosion and intensive farming...

Written by: John Elwood 

Kibera. The biggest slum in Kenya. Second biggest in all of Africa.

From all over Kenya, they pour into this place, a sprawling community in southeast Nairobi, home to as many as one million living souls. They come to Kibera from all over Kenya: many leaving family farm plots that have become too small from subdivision; others driven off by failing rains, extreme floods and erratic seasonal patterns; some, the victims of soil depletion from unsustainable farming practices....

Written by: John Franken

Most of the members of the “We Have Faith Expedition” have returned to North America. As I sit here in Nairobi waiting to catch my plane this evening and reflect on the past 12 days, one word comes to mind: passion. The passion of both the nationals and expatriates we met in Kenya.

Passion can have several meanings. Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of Christ" depicts Christ's suffering. This is one meaning...

Written by: Harry Cook

“A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!”

I hope I have the aphorism correct. And what does “lovesome” mean? We love the garden? Or does the garden love us?

In Kenya, our group is learning that both are true. Slowly, soils depleted of organic matter are returning to life (for soil is a living thing!). Some farmers are planting indigenous trees on their land, in some cases to take some of the heat off their crops and gardens....