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Day 7 - Friday August 25

This morning as we were eating breakfast at the hotel in Catacamas, we met another mission trip group who is from Texas.  We shared some stories and also found out that they were on the same flight back to the USA as us on Saturday August 26.  Both our group and theirs were concerned about hurricane Harvey and the impact it would have on our travel plans.

Today we would be travelling the long trip (5 hours) back to Tegucugalpa, but before we started that drive we stopped by a local wood worker that Mateo knew.  He was someone who had received some support from Diaconia National in getting some loans to start his word working business.  There were a lot of well made hand crafted tables, chairs, and doors there.  A couple people from our group bought some items there.

On the way to Tegucigalpa we made a stop in a town called the Valley of Angels.  This is more of a tourist town with a lot of local artisan shops and restaurants.  We spent around an hour there with most people buying a few souveniers to bring back to their families.  Katie, James, and Marta met up with us there.  We also ate at a restaurant there and had puspusas, which we were told everyone who comes to Honduras needs to try.

When we got back to the the hotel in Tegucigalpa we spent some time as a group reflecting on the entire trip.  We were all pretty tired from the whirlwind week we had and anxious to get home and see our families.