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Hope CRC River Trip's Blog

As I write this we are at the ocean for a relaxing day at the beach after a church service in Spanish this morning.  We have joined an Edu-Deo group here for the afternoon so it's interesting to compare notes since we have been here for the same amount of time.

When we arrived a week ago we could not have imagined the week we have had! 
Our actual river trip began on Monday, Jan. 20.  After a presentation about Nicaragua's history,...

Back safely in Managua from Rio Coco River Trip

We are back in our guest home here in Managua after an adventurous and amazing week on the Rio Coco River.  It will be tough to capture in words the experiences and fellowship we have had!  Some of the comments made by members of the group summarize the week:
"A life-changing, eye-opening experience"
"A trip money cannot buy"
"The most adventurous week of my life"
"A tremendous display of God's handiwork, and his providential care"
"Witnessing the...

This is our team of 11 people ready to embark on the Rio Coco River trip! 

After some delays and flight cancellations for half of the group in Chicago, due to a snow storm there, the whole group joined up today at Mark and Nancy VanderWees' for lunch.

In the afternoon we went to the Nehemiah Centre where Mark debriefed us about the adventure awaiting us tomorrow.  We will be leaving Monday morning to travel  8 hours by van to Wiwili, a...

The Hope River Team from Thunder Bay is almost ready to embark on their Nicaraguan trip on January 18th. Most of us will be leaving Thunder Bay early that morning and travelling through Chicago to Houston, Texas where we will link up with team members Chris and Kelly Bill (from Jarvis, Ontario), Stacey Collie (from Vancouver,BC), and James and Inez Collie (from Thunder Bay, but taking the long way around from Arizona to meet us).

We have been meeting and fundraising...