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About Us

While we have been busy with life, God has been weaving a thread through all of our life experiences and is tying them all together.  Looking back on this journey, we see clearly how God has been preparing and equipping us for a new stage of life...that of volunteering full time in cross cultural and international missions using our knowledge and skills.

Phil grew up on a family dairy farm in the Lindsay area and enjoyed the many experiences that came from living in a rural environment. He developed an interest in dairy animals, in agricultural crops and land management as well as in agricultural machinery design and repair. Active participation in the church's boys club and youth group led him to give his life to Christ prior to marriage to Jannetta in 1982.

In Toronto, Jannetta was growing up in a family active in the local Christian Reformed Church, committing her life to Christ as a teenager. The desire to pursue Nursing seemed a wonderful way to combine her faith and a career to make a difference in people’s lives.

Life has a way of moving along very quickly. While raising 3 children, we were able to serve in different capacities’ in our local Christian Reformed Church, the local Christian Schools as well as volunteering in our home community of Richmond Hill.

Phil has had the opportunity to work in the agricultural machinery industry for over 35 years and has developed hands on skills and management experience that he can now use in missions. Jannetta enjoyed working in different areas of nursing and spending a number of years as a stay at home mother. 

When our children became young adults, we looked for opportunities to become involved in short term missions.  Six years later, after having served in cross cultural settings in Guatemala and Peru on numerous occasions, we desire to be obedient as God calls us to service in His kingdom work on a full time basis.

We look forward to our partnership with World Renew and the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania knowing that God has prepared us and equipped us for this new journey in serving others and bringing glory to Him.